Looking for a new podcast recommendation? On International Women's Day 2021, learn more about remarkable women through history and their stories with these fascinating episodes from the HistoryExtra podcast...


Suzannah Lipscomb on women’s lives in Reformation France

Dr Suzannah Lipscomb chats to her fellow historian Dan Jones about her book, The Voices of Nîmes, which offers a fascinating window into sex and morality and the lives of women in 16th-century France.


Rachel Reeves on women who changed politics

Labour MP Rachel Reeves talks to us about her book, Women of Westminster, which explores the achievements of some of Britain’s foremost women politicians over the century since Nancy Astor was elected in 1919.


Were the suffragettes terrorists?

Historian Fern Riddell talks about her biography of suffrage campaigner Kitty Marion, which explores some of the darker aspects of the campaign for votes for women.


The women behind Lord Byron

Miranda Seymour, author of In Byron's Wake, discusses the extraordinary lives of Annabella Milbanke and Ada Lovelace, the wife and daughter of Lord Byron.


100 women who changed the world

Historians Joanne Paul, Olivette Otele and June Purvis dissect the results of our 2018 poll into history’s most important women, which saw Marie Curie come top, followed by Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst.

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Remarkable women through history

Max Adams, author of Unquiet Women: From the Dusk of the Roman Empire to the Dawn of the Enlightenment, explores the lives of some remarkable women from history whose stories have been largely forgotten.


Fighting for the vote

Historian and author Clare Wright reveals how Australian women battled for political equality in the early 20th century and helped inspire suffrage movements in other parts of the world.


Women in popular history

In 2017, we gathered a panel of historians – Janina Ramirez, Anna Whitelock, Joann Fletcher and Fern Riddell – to consider the challenges and opportunities for women in TV, book publishing and other forms of public history.


Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack, Suranne Jones as Anne Lister (Photo by BBC/Lookout Point/Jay Brooks)

Biographer Angela Steidele explores the life of 19th-century gay pioneer Anne Lister, whose story is the inspiration behind the major BBC/HBO drama Gentleman Jack.


Women in the 1960s

Social historian and author Virginia Nicholson talks about her book How Was It For You?, which explores how some of the radical changes of the decade, from the pill to feminism, shaped the lives of women from many different backgrounds.


London's trailblazing women

On a podcast from February 2020, Francesca Wade talks about five remarkable women who all lived on the same London square in the interwar years.


Sex, romance and rights: women's lives since 1950

Historian Carol Dyhouse talks about her book, Love Lives: From Cinderella to Frozen, which explores how women's lives, dreams and loves have been transformed since 1950 – when Walt Disney's Cinderella was released, and teenage girls were told to dream of marriage, Mr Right, and happy endings


Women in Greek myths

Writer and classicist Natalie Haynes discusses her book Pandora’s Jar, which revisits the varied portrayals of women in Greek mythology, finding that the figures who emerge from different retellings and translations are less familiar than we might think.


The women of Bletchley Park

Historian and broadcaster Tessa Dunlop shares the stories of women she interviewed who worked at Britain’s codebreaking centre during World War Two.


Women in black: the surprising history of widows

Historian Maggie Andrews discusses her book co-written with Janis Lomas, which looks at the complex and fascinating history of widows. Often historically viewed as figures of pity and poverty, many widows have also been leaders in women’s and welfare movements, and driving forces for social change...


Women who made modern Britain

Journalist and news presenter Cathy Newman discusses her book Bloody Brilliant Women, which tells the stories of trailblazing women who changed the course of modern British history.


World-changing women

Jenni Murray, longstanding presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, tells the stories of some of the most fascinating women in global history, from Joan of Arc to Marie Curie and Madonna.


Restoring women’s voices

Sarah Jackson, joint founder of East End Women’s Museum, explores how historical women are currently commemorated and how this might be done better in future


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This article was first published on HistoryExtra in March 2020