Horrible history teaching with Terry Deary

Terry Deary, creator of the bestselling Horrible Histories books, launches an outspoken attack on those who believe that the aim of history teaching should be to "pump pupils full of facts"

Sir Robert Peel Monument in Piccadilly Gardens, London. (Photo by P A Thompson via Getty Images)

This article was first published in the October 2009 issue of BBC History Magazine 

History teaching in schools is a mess, they tell me. The list of things the students don’t know seems to exceed the list of things they do know. “If it isn’t the Tudors or the Nazis then they haven’t a clue,” is a common complaint. “They don’t know what happened in 1066,” the traditionalists wail. “Only one 18-year-old in ten can name a single Victorian prime minister”, rails the Daily Mail, though it doesn’t go on to explain why knowing dead prime ministers matters.

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