Subscribers to HistoryExtra enjoy a range of benefits, from early access to our exclusive podcast series to our extensive archive of BBC History Magazine and BBC History Revealed features.


And now we’re pleased to introduce My HistoryExtra, an exclusive space for you to save and organise your own personalised libraries of content, accessible across all devices.

Here’s how it works…

Save content for later

Spotted something on HistoryExtra you want to find again later? Our new ‘save’ function allows you to bookmark any content that piques your interest in one place. Perhaps you’re browsing our website on your commute and see an article you’d like to read but don’t have the time – the save function will allow you to seamlessly find it again later.

To start using My HistoryExtra, you will need to sign in or become a subscriber with us via the links at the top-right of the page.

To save a piece of content to My HistoryExtra, simply hit the ‘save’ icon on an article…

You will then be able to find it in your MyHistoryExtra hub.

Create your own collections

Want to organise your favourite content into your own personalised library? Save your favourite articles, podcast episodes, recipes into a collection – a folder for you to come back to later.

To save an item into a collection, click ‘save’ and then click on the three small dots that appear.

Click these dots and you’ll be able to add the item to an existing collection or create a new one.

You might want to organise your collection by theme – perhaps you’re a medieval history buff with a particular interest in battles. Or maybe you’d prefer to save by content type – be it history quizzes, recipes, or videos.

Another option is to organise your favourite content period or date. But ultimately this is your own personalised space and you can do anything you like. From ‘Articles about Roman Britain’ to ‘My favourite medieval queens’ – the possibilities are endless.

MyHistoryExtra hub

You can view all of your saved content and collections in the My HistoryExtra hub at the top right of the page.

Any content you’ve saved will appear under ‘Saved Articles’.

Any collections you’ve created will be visible under ‘My Collections’.

You can also create new collections here. To rename or delete a collection, click into a collection and click the pencil icon at the top right of the collection itself.


We really hope you enjoy using this new feature on HistoryExtra.