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Ancient Rome Week – the latest

To celebrate our March 2015 issue, which explores why the Romans feared Britain, it’s Ancient Rome Week at BBC History Magazine HQ

Published: March 18, 2015 at 8:49 am
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Here's the latest...

Oxford historian Harry Sidebottom kicks off our Ancient Rome Week with 10 surprising facts about the Romans. 

From shopping to the invasion of Britain, we round up eight Roman podcasts you don't want to miss. 

Join Mary Beard on a tour of the imperial capital after sunset, when armed muggers, drunken toffs and flying chamber pots hold sway.

As part of our Ancient Rome Week, Dr Miles Russell answers those burning questions you were too afraid to ask...

After 250 years of stability, the third century AD saw the Roman empire descend into an era of chaos – and, says Harry Sidebottom, its rulers only had themselves to blame.

Buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, and gradually disinterred from the middle of the 18th century, Pompeii is probably the world’s most famous archaeological site. But what was life like for the Romans who lived there, pre-eruption? Not that different from our own, as Mary Beard reveals in her A to Z of the ancient town, complete with yob culture, nightlife and plonk.

Archaeologists exploring sewers and cesspits at Herculaneum in 2013 made the startling discovery that, contrary to the long-held belief that ancient Romans survived on a basic diet of bread and olive oil, they in fact enjoyed a rich variety of fish, fruit, and spicy dishes. Now, as part of our Ancient Rome Week, Dr Erica Rowan, one of the archeologists involved in the project, tells you everything you need to know about ancient Roman culinary habits…


Test your knowledge of ancient Rome with this quiz written by Peter Heather, a professor of medieval history at King’s College London who specialises in the late Roman empire. 


If you fancied some serious retail therapy in the ancient world then, as Claire Holleran reveals, the streets of Rome were the place to be. 


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