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When was England last successfully invaded by a foreign power?

No, it wasn't 1066 – England was still to suffer invading armies and occupation after William's infamous conquering. BBC History Revealed presents the facts…

William of Orange at the battle of the Boyne
Published: August 14, 2019 at 12:00 pm
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Contrary to popular belief, William the Conqueror was not the last person to successfully invade England – William of Orange was, in 1688.


We may like to portray the overthrow of James II in that year as a ‘Glorious Revolution’, but when the Dutch ruler William of Orange landed at Torbay on 5 November to replace him, it was at the head of a large and well-trained foreign army.

William initially received little assistance from James’s English opponents and when he marched into London in December, he did so after ordering all the English troops that remained there to leave the capital. Dutch guards replaced English ones and, for 18 months, London was effectively under Dutch military occupation.


This article was taken from the October 2017 issue of BBC History Revealed magazine


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