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Top 10 bizarre photo galleries

From skeleton puppets to Elvis’s soiled underpants, we’ve featured some unusual images over the years. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites...

Published: April 11, 2014 at 2:36 pm

1) Frozen in Time

Decaying and abandoned family homes that remain almost exactly as they were left were captured on film by Dutch photographer Niki Feijen, in a series of evocative photographs.


2) Hair: The Styling of Society

From metallic wigs to stuffed animal headpieces, this gallery charts the bizarre evolution of the ways in which we style our hair.

3) Heavenly Bodies

Skeletons clad in intricate costumes and dazzling jewellery feature in this strange set of photographs. Believed to be the remains of early Christian martyrs, the skeletons revitalised the faith of Catholics during the Counter-Reformation in Europe.


4) Auctions: The Weird and Wonderful

Elvis’s soiled underpants and a slice of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake star in this round-up of weird and wonderful items that have at one time or another gone under the hammer.


5) The Empire of Death

As strange as it seems, there existed a tradition of creating works of art from human remains between the 16th and 19th centuries. Check out some of the most haunting creations here…


6) Brains: The Mind as Matter

From slices of Einstein's brain to 3000-year-old trepanned skulls, the Wellcome Collection's exhibition, Brains: The Mind As Matter, took a closer look at what humans have done to brains throughout history.

7) Charms and Superstition

Tokens of good luck have appeared throughout history and across cultures, each invested with the hope or belief that they could somehow mediate on behalf of their owner. But bizarrely in years gone by they came in the form of mole feet, glass shoes, and chunks of animal spine engraved with a human face…



8) Body Parts: skulls, mummy heads, and bones from a plague pit

Thousands of human body parts are stored at the University of Cambridge’s Duckworth Laboratory. Among the collection are skulls, mummy heads, bones from a 17th-century plague pit, hair bundles and blood samples…


9) The American Circus

Clowns, performing animals and ‘freaks’ feature in this gallery charting the emergence of a distinctly American pastime – the circus.



10) Death: A Self-Portrait

A collection devoted to the iconography of death and our complex and contradictory attitudes towards it, this gallery features haunting images of skeleton puppets and metamorphic postcards…


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