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True or false?

How much do you know about the origins, celebrations and traditions of St Patrick's Day?

Published: March 17, 2011 at 8:46 am
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BBC History Magazine, together with Encyclopædia Britannica, has put together a list of facts about St Patrick's Day – some of which are true, and some of which are false. Can you tell the difference? Correct answers will be published online after 12pm on Monday 21 March.


True or false?

1. The colour traditionally associated with St Patrick was green


2. St Patrick's Day has been an official public holiday for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland since 1950


3. Every year the American city of Chicago colours its river green to mark the holiday

4. St Patrick was born in Ireland


5. Corned beef and cabbage are traditionally associated with the holiday


6. St Patrick spent six years as a herdsman


7. St Patrick's Day has always been celebrated by the church on 17 March


8. According to legend, St Patrick drove the snakes of Ireland into the sea

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Find out more about St Patrick and his feast day at www.britannica.com


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