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Lauren Mackay

Published: May 1, 2010 at 1:45 pm
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  • Among the Wolves of Court: The Untold Story of Thomas and George Boleyn
  • Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court
  • Sunday 7 October
  • 17.00–18.00

Thomas and George Boleyn, father and brother of Anne, are usually consigned to the margins in the story of Henry VIII’s turbulent reign. But their stories are important, compelling, and tragic. In this talk, Lauren will probe beyond the usual stereotypes to establish the Boleyns’ place in Tudor history.


Lauren is a Tudor historian and author, who has written a biography of 16th-century imperial ambassador Eustace Chapuys, and one of Thomas and George Boleyn. Lauren has lectured on Tudor history at venues across the UK.


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