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For those in the higher echelons of society in the Tudor period, a good marriage was one that brought about mutual prosperity and advancement in status, or strengthened alliances. Romantic love was frowned upon, and was certainly no basis for matrimony. Nevertheless, between 1430 and 1565 seven ladies close to the throne braved royal wrath and scandal by marrying men of lower degree for love....


From love letters to chastity belts, we round up 10 of the best sex and love stories to feature on our website...


They are two of history’s most captivating figures, their romance-turned-tragedy known the world over. But what was the true nature of the relationship between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and how did Anne come to lose her head?


With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, many of us will be paying closer attention to our choice of undergarments. Here, historian Greg Jenner of Horrible Histories fame charts the history of underwear – from the ancient Egyptians to the Tudors and beyond…


History is full of extraordinary twosomes – some are remembered for their long-lasting romances, while others are defined by their tragic downfalls. Here we round up seven of the most memorable couples in history, as voted for by History Extra readers…


From bridesmaids and kisses to dresses and embroidery, Tracy Borman takes a look at regal marriages through history.


Linda Porter looks at Henry VIII’s often misunderstood relationship with his last wife, Katherine Parr, and questions whether it was, indeed, a case of true love.


Tommies queued in their hundreds to visit brothels in the First World War. Their testimonies, says Clare Makepeace, offer a poignant insight into how the men reacted when constantly stalked by death.


Many of us will be hoping to receive a Valentine's Day card from that special someone. But what might it have looked like in the Victorian period?