HistoryExtra Masterclass: Rivals to the Throne with Tracy Borman

In our fourth session, find out more about the Tudor women who were the rivals to the throne of England…

MC_Tracy Borman Tudor New WL

Ironically, given the prejudices against female rule, some of the most deadly rivals to the Tudor throne were women. Henry VIII was so paranoid about the so-called ‘White Rose’ faction, led by Edward IV’s niece, Margaret Pole, that his brutality towards them sent shockwaves across Europe. All of his daughter Elizabeth’s deadliest rivals were women. Her long reign was dominated by her turbulent relationship with Mary, Queen of Scots, as well as by the lesser-known but no less potent rivals such as Lady Margaret Douglas and the ill-fated sisters of Lady Jane Grey.


Tracy Borman is a best-selling author and historian, specialising in the Tudor period. Dr Borman has presented a number of history programmes for Channel 5. She is a regular contributor to BBC History Magazine and gives talks on her books across the country and abroad. She works part-time as joint chief curator of Historic Royal Palaces and as chief executive of the Heritage Education Trust.