Out and about: the Mary Rose transformed

Naval historian Sam Willis takes a tour around Henry VIII's ill-fated warship, following a multi-million pound renovation

The 'Mary Rose' after its renovation. The museum dedicated to Henry VIII's famous warship opened to the public in June at a cost of £35m. (Photo by Olivia Harris/Getty Images)

This article first appeared in the July 2013 issue of BBC History Magazine

How do you solve a problem like the Mary Rose? The problem looks something like this: you have in your possession about a third of a 500-year-old Tudor warship that was raised out of the sea 31 years ago. It is the approximate size of a large barn. Needless to say it is the only Tudor warship that survives anywhere in the world. The hull has been sprayed with a magic chemical for the past 30 years that will preserve the wood, but the wood is so old that it has lost its structural integrity. The remains of the hull are in a dry-dock, covered by a tent, and cannot be moved.

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