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Suleyman the Magnificent: the 16th-century’s most powerful ruler?

Christopher de Bellaigue speaks about Suleyman the Magnificent, ruler of the sprawling 16th-century Ottoman empire

Published: March 24, 2022 at 12:44 pm
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When Suleyman the Magnificent became Sultan of the Ottoman empire in 1520, he was proclaimed the world’s most powerful man, who could use his armies to smite Christendom. But behind the facade, scheming favourites pulled the strings and worked tirelessly to fulfil their own endless ambitions. Rhiannon Davies spoke to Christopher de Bellaigue to uncover the truth about Suleyman’s fascinating reign.


Christopher de Bellaigue is the author of The Lion House: The Coming of A King (Bodley Head, 2022)


Rhiannon DaviesSection editor, BBC History Magazine

Rhiannon Davies is section editor for BBC History Magazine and our Tudor ambassador, writing a fortnightly newsletter in which she shares the latest Tudor news, anniversaries and content with her audience. She also regularly appears on the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast.


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