TV & radio: what to tune in to next week (24–30 July 2015)

Can't decide what programmes to watch or listen to? Here are 10 you won't want to miss...

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Wednesday July 29th on ITV 

Pictured: Hiroshima Bomb 

Courtesy of the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museam 

THE DAY THEY DROPPED THE BOMB marks the 70th anniversary of the day the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. August 6 1945 marked the start of a terrifying new episode in human history. This documentary gives a minute by minute account of what happened on that tragic day, through people who were there and rarely-seen archive footage from the time. Made on location in Hiroshima and the US, it features unique interviews with eyewitnesses who seldom, if ever, speak, several of whom have since died, including the last surviving member of the crew who dropped the bomb - navigator Dutch Van Kirk.  

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The Saboteurs
Friday 24th July, 9.00pm


The final episode of the drama chronicling Allied efforts to stop the Nazis getting the bomb revolves around a terrible dilemma. Should Norwegian resistance fighters blow up a ferry carrying civilians in order to help prevent Germany from producing the heavy water necessary to its atomic programme?

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Dancing Through The Blitz: Blackpool’s Big Band Story
Saturday 25th July, 9.10pm

Len Goodman, Lucy Worsley and Jools Holland look back at how Blackpool, one of the few resorts that stayed open during 1939–45, offered jazz and dancing to those seeking to escape the horrors of conflict. A Blackpool Big Band Boogie: Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra (BBC Four, Sunday 26th July, 9.00pm) features music from the era.

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Writing The Century: Letters From a Young Indian Revolutionary
Radio 4
Monday 27th July, 10.45am & 7.45pm

The weekday drama series charting the 20th century returns with five episodes based on the diaries and letters of Dinesh Gupta (1911–31), who took up arms in his opposition to British colonial rule. Written by Dinesh’s niece, Tanika Gupta.

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A History of Ideas: What is Love?
Radio 4
Monday 27th July, 12.04pm

The weekday philosophy series continues with Melvyn Bragg discussing notions of love with theologian Giles Fraser, writer Lisa Appignanesi, classicist Edith Hall and psychotherapist Mark Verson. Subsequent shows include Hall looking back at a speech about love given by Aristophanes, at a drinking party in 416 BC also attended by Socrates.

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The Pennine Way
Monday 27th July, 7.30pm

Over four weeknight episodes, adventurer and outdoorsman Paul Rose explores the 268-mile national trail. The first leg of his journey, along the stretch from Edale to Calderdale, takes in literary history, architecture and the remains of a crashed American military aircraft.

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Pick of the Week…

Life In Squares
Monday 27th July, 9.00pm

In a three-part drama, we follow the story of posh sisters Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf, painter and writer respectively. We first meet the duo, who long to escape society’s conventions, in 1905, and the series gradually builds in to a portrait of the Bloomsbury group – and its main movers’ numerous marriages and affairs.

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(BBC/Ecosse Films/Robert Viglasky)

Drama: A Pact of Silence
Radio 4
Tuesday 28th July, 2.15pm

In Argentina in the 1970s, the brutal military regime tortured and murdered 30,000 people. Pregnant women, though, were kept alive long enough for their children to be given to favoured families. Penny Woolcock’s powerful drama follows a young woman who learns the terrible truth about her origins.

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The Day They Dropped The Bomb
Wednesday 29th July, 10.40pm

The 70th anniversary of the day the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, 6 August 1945, is almost upon us. This documentary offers a minute-by-minute account of the day, and draws on interviews with eyewitnesses, including Theodore Van Kirk, navigator of the US aircraft that dropped the bomb.

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A Cold War Dance
Radio 4
Thursday 30th July, 11.30am

In 1974, as the war in Vietnam neared its end, the US State Department sent the Martha Graham Dance Company on a tour of south-east Asia. The aim was to show the US in a new, non-militaristic light. A documentary that explores whether modern dance performed by a racially mixed troupe promoted cross-cultural understanding.

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Prince Philip: The Plot To Make A King
Channel 4
Thursday 30th July, 9.00pm

When Princess Elizabeth fell for the young Prince Philip, the match wasn’t universally welcomed. This Secret History documentary looks back at opposition to the relationship and the suspicion directed at Lord Louis Mountbatten, a man who was hugely ambitious on his own and his nephew’s behalf.


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