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In pictures: Vintage adverts

From pig racing to snoring men, smiling cats to Britannia drinking tea, readers will be able to browse a collection of weird and wonderful adverts from the 19th and 20th centuries, in a new book published by the British Library

Published: September 10, 2015 at 10:00 am
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The library has gathered nearly 200 colourful adverts from newspapers, fashion magazines, posters and trade cards from the Victorian period and beyond.


Try It! Buy It! Vintage Adverts includes some familiar brands that we recognise today, including Cadbury, Pears soap and Marmite. Here, we bring you a selection of our favourite vintage adverts…

The Strand, 1927. (© British Library)

From sponsoring the athletes in the 1908 Olympics to nurturing school-children, Oxo advertising was firmly focused on its supposed health-giving benefits. Britannia & Eve, 1929. (© British Library)

Poster designed by Jean d'Ylen, c1928. (© British Library)

An advert for the Savoy Hotel, from the back page of a Savoy theatre programme, c1890. (© British Library)

'Aaah Bisto!'. The Bisto Twins were created by illustrator Will Owen in 1908, and remained in use until 1996. This example dates from 1929. (© British Library)

Isle of Man Tourist Board poster designed by John Hassal, 1929. (© British Library)

Marmite's early publicity campaigns emphasised the spread's healthy nature. Poster designed by J Woolley, 1929. (© British Library)

The 'sophisticated' smoking woman of the 1920s. Player's Navy Cut cigarettes, The Tatler, 1929. (© British Library)

'Iron Horse' poster designed for Shell by Jean d'Ylen, 1926. (© British Library)

(© British Library)

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