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Bernard Cornwell

Published: May 1, 2015 at 1:31 pm
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  • Bernard Cornwell: in Conversation on the Making of England
  • The Great Hall
  • Saturday 6 October
  • 21.00–22.00

Bernard will discuss the history behind his blockbuster historical fiction series, The Last Kingdom (also a major BBC drama), set in the dramatic era of King Alfred and the Vikings. As he will highlight, Alfred’s dream was to create a land where the English lived, where English was the language spoken, and where English laws prevailed.


Bernard Cornwell has written more than 50 novels and sold over 20 million books around the world. He is the author of The Last Kingdom and Sharpe series, and his latest novel is Fools and Mortals. The eleventh novel of The Last Kingdom series, War of the Wolf, is expected to be published later this year.


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