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The ultimate Vikings guide

From the crumbling of Roman rule in the fifth century AD until the triumph of the Normans in 1066, Britain’s – and especially England’s – history is dominated by two groups: the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. Arriving in waves of migrants and invaders, these groups left a profound legacy in our language, our laws, our place names and remarkable artefacts that continue to be discovered today

Published: May 23, 2016 at 12:12 pm
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Now, a new BBC History Magazine special edition explores the origins of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and reveals how they battled to dominate the British Isles. Bringing together some of the best articles to have appeared in BBC History Magazine over recent years, The Story of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons explores one of the most fascinating periods in Britain’s history, from the fall of the Romans until the eve of the Norman Conquest.


Inside The Story of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons you’ll find tales of medieval warfare, biographies of key figures such as Alfred the Great and Æthelstan, plus a timeline of the key events in this period.

In this special edition Cameron Balbirnie explores life and death in Viking settlements, Ryan Lavelle explains how compromise was crucial in countering Viking aggression, and Gareth Williams shows how great seamanship ensured success.

Other highlights include Janina Ramirez’s opinion piece on why the ‘Dark Ages’ were far from dark and Alex Burghart’s investigation of the epic Old English poem Beowulf.


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