November 2020 issue of BBC History Magazine out now!

The latest issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale!

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Inside our November 2020 issue, on sale 1 October 2020…

Sparta’s last stand

Did 300 warriors really defy a mighty Persian army in 480 BC? Andrew Bayliss investigates

Belgian refugees

Alison S Fell relates the experiences of the thousands of Belgians who fled to Britain during the First World War

Medieval genius

Seb Falk argues that the Middle Ages were a hotbed of scientific ingenuity

Sherlock Holmes in skirts

Elizabeth Evens on the pioneering policewomen who snared criminals in turn-of-the-century New York

Europe’s nightmare

Michael Rowe argues that the Franco-Prussian War had an immense impact on the modern world

Fake news and Nazis

Richard J Evans considers what Nazi conspiracy theories can tell us about the Third Reich

Black trailblazers

Angelina Osborne profiles seven black pioneers whose contributions to British history deserve a wider hearing

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