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Tudor uprising

Mark Stoyle follows the violent progress of the Prayer Book Rebellion, the 16th-century uprising that engulfed Devon and Cornwall


Black Victorians

Keshia N Abraham and John Woolf introduce a diverse cast of journalists, scientists, actors and musicians whose stories deserve to be better known

Medieval deception

During the Middle Ages, triumph in battle wasn’t just a matter of military might – sneak tactics often paid dividends, says James Titterton

Fall of the Ottoman empire

A century after the demise of the oncemighty superpower, Ryan Gingeras explains how outbreaks of sectarian violence fuelled its downfall

Cleopatra’s daughter

Jane Draycott traces the fall and rise of Cleopatra Selene, offspring of Egypt’s most famous queen

Cuban missile crisis

How close did the world really come to nuclear war in 1962? Max Hastings returns to that febrile moment and draws lessons for today

Signs of the times

Rosamund Oates explores the lives of deaf people in the early modern period

Dawn of the digital era

In the final part of our series on the BBC’s history, David Hendy discusses how the broadcaster embraced the digital revolution


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