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What would you ask a historian?

Greg Jenner talks about his latest book, Ask A Historian, which tackles 50 burning questions that people have about the past

Published: October 29, 2021 at 12:17 pm
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Public historian Greg Jenner talks to Elinor Evans about his latest book, Ask A Historian, which tackles on 50 questions exploring some unexpected chapters of history that people have always wanted to know about – from whether people really ate powdered mummies, to the best historical figures to choose for an Oceans’ Eleven-style heist.


Greg Jenner is the author of Ask A Historian: 50 Surprising Answers to Things You Always Wanted to Know (Orion, 2021)


Elinor EvansDigital editor

Elinor Evans is digital editor of HistoryExtra.com. She commissions and writes history articles for the website, and regularly interviews historians for the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast


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