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Elinor Evans is the deputy editor of HistoryExtra.com. She commissions and creates articles and videos for the website, and regularly interviews historians for the History Extra podcast. Although Elinor’s degree from the University of Exeter is in English, she pursued her love of history by spending a year in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, studying US history and literature at the College of William and Mary. The experience sparked an ongoing interest in American history and the pop culture of the 20th century, which she was able to dig into when spending a summer in New York City as part of the Columbia Publishing Course. Since joining the BBC History Magazine team in 2016 she’s interviewed expert speakers including Ron Chernow on Hamilton, classicist Mary Beard and Robert Lacey, historical advisor to The Crown. In her spare time, Elinor is a lover of the outdoors and travel and a keen rugby player/fan.

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