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15 minutes of fame: Queen Tiye, overshadowed ancient Egyptian royal

Joyce Tyldesley explores how ancient Egyptian Queen Tiye’s story has been neglected, despite her fundamental role within her dynasty

Published: June 27, 2022 at 3:55 pm
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It’s the HistoryExtra podcast’s 15th birthday! To celebrate, we’ve asked 15 historians to nominate a figure from history they think deserves their ‘15 minutes of fame’. In this episode, Professor Joyce Tyldesley nominates the ancient Egyptian Queen Tiye. Speaking with Ellie Cawthorne, she considers how the queen consort and queen mother has previously been overlooked, despite playing an important religious and diplomatic role in Egypt's 18th dynasty.



Ellie CawthornePodcast editor, HistoryExtra

Ellie Cawthorne is HistoryExtra’s podcast editor. She also contributes to BBC History Magazine, runs the podcast newsletter and hosts several live and virtual BBC History Magazine events.


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