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British schools and education: everything you wanted to know

Susannah Wright answers some of the most popular questions surrounding the history of British schools

Published: July 3, 2022 at 12:07 pm
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When did schooling become compulsory? How far did education differ between girls and boys? And why does the British school year start in September? Speaking to Emma Slattery Williams, Susannah Wright answers some of our listeners’ most popular questions on the history of British schools – from the establishment of the earliest schools to the surprisingly late abolition of corporal punishment.



Emma Slattery WilliamsStaff Writer, BBC History Revealed

Emma is BBC History Revealed’s staff writer, covering all areas of history – from Egyptian pharaohs and pirates queens to Queen Victoria and Marilyn Monroe. She also compiles HistoryExtra’s Victorians newsletter and can be heard interviewing historians on the HistoryExtra podcast.


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