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The ultimate guide to the Georgians

It was a dynamic era characterised by dysfunctional monarchs, immense social change and British expansion throughout the world. Now, a new BBC History Magazine special edition explores the lives, politics and international conflicts of the Georgian period (1714–1837) – from the rumbustious ballrooms of bewigged elite society to the hardships endured by sailors in Nelson’s navy…

Published: December 6, 2016 at 2:35 pm
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The World of the Georgians brings together articles that have appeared previously in BBC History Magazine, alongside brand new content written by expert historians. Readers will discover the real history behind Poldark and be offered some top tips on how to survive the perils of Georgian marriage. We’ll meet some fascinating characters, including the badly behaved regent who became George IV; the military commanders who made Britain’s redcoats the most feared soldiers in the world; and the children who worked in factories from the age of just eight.
This collector’s edition also examines the threat posed by the Jacobites supporting ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, and the challenges presented by the American War of Independence. Elsewhere, we ask why the British suffered sleepless nights in fear of Napoleon; chart the riots and rebellions on Britain’s road to political reform; and explore the opportunities and problems created by the industrial revolution. 
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