March issue out now


The latest issue of BBC History Magazine is now on sale. In our new edition Saul David argues that it was the army and not the navy that was the true springboard for Britain’s rise to global dominance.


Elsewhere in the magazine, Lucy Noakes explains why so many women who were encouraged to leave Britain for the colonies after the First World War found themselves surplus to requirements.

The March issue also features Ian Mortimer, who prepares prospective time travellers for the sights, sounds, smells and taste that will await them in the 16th century

Also in this issue, James Kelly shows how a large number of Catholic women fled Protestant England for European convents in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Meanwhile, Clare Downham considers how 13th-century monk Jocelin of Furness can help us understand how national allegiances were understood in medieval Britain.

Our March magazine also includes Patrick Bishop, who asks whether Britain’s five-year campaign against the Nazi warship Tirpitz was the best use of Allied resouces.

You can buy the magazine in all good newsagents. If you’ve read it and would like to comment on the articles, you can join the discussion on our forum or get in touch with us by post, telephone or email.


You can also purchase a Kindle edition of this month’s magazine via the Amazon website.