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Richard III should be buried at York Minster according to historyextra poll

Published: August 28, 2013 at 5:14 pm
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Richard III should be buried at York Minster, according to more than half of readers who voted in our online poll.


We asked historyextra readers where they thought the remains of the former king should be buried, offering a choice of Leicester Cathedral, York Minster, Westminster Abbey or ‘other’.

Some 53 per cent voted for York, 33 per cent Leicester, 12 per cent Westminster, and two per cent ‘other’.

The poll was taken to establish where readers think the former king should be buried, but has no bearing on the ultimate decision.

Richard's skeleton was discovered underneath a Leicester council car park last September, 527 years after he was killed at the battle of Bosworth.

The remains were in February identified as those of the last Plantagenet king, and it was later announced he would be re-interred in Leicester Cathedral.
Earlier this month a High Court judge gave permission for descendants of the king’s relatives to challenge plans to rebury his remains in Leicester rather than York.

The 15-strong Plantagenet Alliance wants the remains buried in York, which, it claims, Richard regarded as his home.


Speaking after the High Court judgement earlier this month, Richard Van Allen of the Richard III Society said the dispute about where Richard III should be reburied is becoming “undignified”.


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