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Poppy appeal loses out in trend for 'posh poppies'

Published: November 8, 2013 at 2:07 pm
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As little as 10 per cent of the cost of poppy jewellery is being donated to the Royal British Legion (RBL), an investigation launched by The Sun newspaper has revealed. The trend for sparkling poppy jewellery is being used to encourage younger supporters to wear a poppy and give to the RBL.


Gamers explore streets of 17th-century London

Maps of 17th-century London have been brought to life in a new 3D video game. Designed by a team of students from De Montfort University, Leicester, the game shows the tightly packed streets of the capital city, covered in a haze of smoke following the Great Fire of 1666.


“Further surprises” ahead in Nazi-looted art case

A trove of Nazi-looted art found in Munich raises “fascinating questions”, a leading historian has told historyextra. Professor Jonathan Osmond, a research professor at Cardiff University who specialises in German art in the 19th and 20th centuries, said the collection of more than 1,400 paintings that the Nazis deemed un-German or degenerate, was “extraordinary”.

Metal detectorist uncovers suspected Roman child coffin

Archaeologists are preparing to open a coffin believed to date from the third century AD. Found by metal detectorist Chris Wright in a field close to the Leicestershire/Warwickshire border, the lead coffin is thought to contain the remains of a child.


Secret map reveals routes of WW1 German bombers

A map that shows the paths of 16 German aeroplanes as they flew into London during a First World War air raid has been published for the first time. The official map, which was not for public consumption, shows the route of the aeroplanes as they flew across Kent and Essex into the capital during an air raid on 6 December 1917.


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