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The Borgias: everything you wanted to know

Professor Jill Burke tackles listener questions on the Borgias, the Renaissance family associated with rumours of depravity and immorality

A portrait of a member of the Borgias family
Published: September 12, 2021 at 12:27 pm
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In the latest episode in our series on history’s biggest topics, Professor Jill Burke tackles listener questions and internet search queries on the Borgias, from rumours of incest and the Banquet of the Chestnuts to the forgotten triumphs Pope Alexander VI.


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Kev LochunDigital Section Editor, HistoryExtra

Kev Lochun is Digital Section Editor of HistoryExtra.com and previously Deputy Editor of BBC History Revealed. As well as commissioning content from expert historians, he can also be found interviewing them on the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast.


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