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England’s last witches

John Callow discusses the tragic case of the Bideford witches, the last women in England to be executed for the crime of witchcraft

Published: December 13, 2021 at 1:31 pm
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In 1682, three women – Temperance Lloyd, Susannah Edwards and Mary Trembles – became the last in England to be hanged for the crime of witchcraft. John Callow speaks to Kev Lochun about how circumstance and ill-fortune led the so-called “Bideford witches” to the gallows, and how history has rehabilitated them.


John Callow is the author of The Last Witches of England: A Tragedy of Sorcery and Superstition (Bloomsbury, 2021)


Kev LochunDigital Section Editor, HistoryExtra

Kev Lochun is Digital Section Editor of HistoryExtra.com and previously Deputy Editor of BBC History Revealed. As well as commissioning content from expert historians, he can also be found interviewing them on the award-winning HistoryExtra podcast.


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