Samuel Pepys, Katherine of Aragon and Alexander Kerensky: 3 things that happened On This Day 11 June

What happened on this day in history? We round up three famous events, births, battles and deaths...


11 June

1668: Diarist Samuel Pepys visited Stonehenge. In his diary he wrote that the stones were “as prodigious as any tales I ever heard of them and worth going this journey to see. God knows what their use was.”


1509: Seventeen-year-old Henry VIII married Katherine of Aragon, his brother’s widow, in a quiet ceremony in Greenwich Palace. She was five years his senior.

1970: Alexander Kerensky, leader of the Russian provisional government in 1917, died in exile. The Russian orthodox church refused to grant him burial, so he was buried in a non-denominational cemetery at Putney Vale, London.


Compiled by Julian Humphrys – You can follow Julian on Twitter @GeneralJules