The heritage site associated with Anne Boleyn that I would recommend people visit might surprise you, as I am Castle Historian and Assistant Curator of Hever Castle – Anne Boleyn's childhood home.

However, there is another site associated with Anne that I would implore people to visit, and that is the Tower of London. There are two reasons I think people should visit this place. One is because it was the scene of Anne Boleyn's most triumphant day. She stayed at the Tower the night before her coronation. In fact, much of the palace inside the Tower of London was refurbished especially for Anne's coronation.

Now, much of that palace has sadly gone, but remaining on top of the White Tower are the beautiful onion-shaped copulas which were installed especially for Anne. Those beautiful copulas are iconic, and they remain there for you to see today.

And of course, Anne herself is buried at the tower. If you want to get close to Anne Boleyn, then I would heartily recommend going to the Chapel of Saint Peter ad Vincula, where she is buried at the altar. It is, of course, also the site of one of the most tragic parts of Anne's life – her downfall and also execution. So if you want to get close to Anne Boleyn, then make sure you visit the Tower of London.

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Dr Owen Emmerson is a social and cultural historian specialising in the Tudor period. He is the Castle Historian and Assistant Curator at Hever Castle