BBC World Histories – back issues

BBC World Histories, a new title from the makers of BBC History Magazine, brings you a fresh take on our global past – and how it shapes our lives today. Each issue draws on the expertise of leading writers and historians from across the globe, bringing you lesser-known stories and tackling some of the defining issues of the 21st century...


World Histories issue 7

First on sale December 2017
Inside issue 7:
– Why is America still haunted by its past?
– What the 1992 LA riots tell us about the modern US
– Should we judge historical figures by the morals of today?
– Who were the real Aztecs?
– David Bowie’s “Heroes” at 40
– How did social networks fuel the French Revolution?

World Histories issue 6

First on sale September 2017
Inside issue 6:
– Have nuclear weapons brought peace?
– Queen Victoria’s relationship with her Indian cofidant
– The key characters and conflicts of 1916, in pictures
– An expert tour of Oaxaca, Mexico
– The Third Reich’s complex relationship with the supernatural
– The Confederate statue controversy
– A brief history of homosexuality

World Histories issue 5

First on sale July 2017

Inside issue 5:
– Has terrorism ever achieved its aims?
– Canada’s history of union and division
– A new view of Africa’s forgotten civilisations
– Why France’s recent election is a break from the past
– Could history restore our global optimism?
– Embark on a tour of 15th-century Spain
– How China’s Second World War reshaped the global order
– The ordeals of a prisoner of war on the Burma railway

World Histories issue 4

First on sale May 2017

Inside issue 4:
– Does the legacy of the slave trade still haunt Africa?
– The real stories of the people who stood up to Mussolini
– How the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic shaped the 20th century
– An expert look at some of history’s greatest lost metropolises
– The Rolling Stones concert that shook Cold War Poland
– Embark on a tour of 15th-century Spain
– Explore the ruins of Guatemala’s ancient Maya civilisation
– The latest history books, events and more

World Histories issue 3

First on sale March 2017

Inside issue 3:
– Have empires ever been a force for good?
– The real story of life in America’s Wild West
– China’s fight to control its international image
– A history of ‘fake news’
– The ideas that shaped today’s Middle East
– What can Donald Trump learn from the Byzantine empire?
– Africa’s Cold War and the battle to control a continent
– The latest history books, events and more

World Histories issue 2

First on sale January 2017

Inside issue 2:
– 1917: explore Russia’s revolutionary year
– Did the Cold War ever really end?
– Syria: its past and possible futures
– Are we living in an ‘age of anger’?
– A new view of ancient Egypt
– Clash of empires: battle of Lepanto
– Eyewitness to the WWII Normandy landings
– The latest history books, events and more

World Histories issue 1


First on sale November 2016

Inside issue 1:
– Did the west ever really rule the world?
– Donald Trump and the resurgence of populism
– How India’s WW2 home front shaped its future
– Eyewitness to the Chernobyl disaster
– The Koh-i- Norr scandal
– The Beatles tour that shook the world
– The latest history books, events and more