Douglas Haig, St Margaret of Scotland and the beheading of Piers Gaveston: 3 things that happened On This Day 19 June

What happened on this day in history? We round up three famous events, births, battles and deaths...


19 June

1250: After her canonisation by Pope Innocent IV, the remains of St Margaret of Scotland were moved to Dundermline Abbey. She died in 1093, three days after her husband, Malcolm III, and her son, Edward, were killed in battle at Alnwick.


1861: Birth in Edinburgh of future British field marshal Douglas Haig. In 1915, Haig replaced Sir John French as commander of the British Expeditionary Force in the First World War, oversaw its rapid expansion and eventually led it to victory – albeit at a very heavy cost – over a determined and skillful enemy.

1312: After being condemned to death before an assembly of barons, Piers Gaveston, the favourite of King Edward II, was run through with a sword and then beheaded on Blacklow Hill, Warwickshire.


Compiled by Julian Humphrys – You can follow Julian on Twitter @GeneralJules