Crusaders, Prince Charles and Charles Darwin: 3 things that happened On This Day 1 July

What happened on this day in history? We round up three famous events, births, battles and deaths...


1 July

1969: The formal investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales took place in a televised ceremony in Caernarfon Castle. The coronet used in the ceremony was created for the occasion; its crosses and fleur-de-lys were made from a nugget of Welsh gold.


1097: Crusaders defeated the Seljuk Turks at the battle of Dorylaeum.

1858: Papers from Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, outlining for the first time the theory of evolution by natural selection, were read at a meeting of the Linnean Society of London.


Compiled by Julian Humphrys – You can follow Julian on Twitter @GeneralJules