Looking to create a fun themed quiz during lockdown? We’ve rounded up a selection of questions about Britain’s modern royal family – perfect for those wanting to create a home pub trivia round with a regal twist. Feel free to mix and match the questions, and share these with your family and friends



  1. The wedding of which royal was the first to be broadcast on television, with an estimated 20 million people tuning in to watch?
  2. How old was Princess Elizabeth when she became Queen of England?
  3. Which member of the British royal family was pulled into the scandal when army officer Sir William Gordon-Cumming sued five people for slander?
  4. In which country was the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, born?
  5. Which member of the royal family was dubbed ‘The World’s Number One Celebrity’ by Reader’s Digest in 1985?
  6. Which royal promised to “love, comfort, honour and keep” her husband on her wedding day, omitting the traditional words “obey”?
  7. Which monarch coined the surname ‘Windsor’ for the British royal family, after deciding that the family’s previous treble-barrelled and German-sounding names were ‘unpatriotic’?
  8. Who is currently sixth in line to the throne?
  9. Who currently holds the title of the Earl of Wessex?
  10. Which monarch abdicated the throne to marry a divorced American socialite?
  11. Name the three actresses who have played (or are set to play) Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix drama The Crown?
  12. Who is Britain’s longest reigning monarch?
  13. Which monarch was on the throne during the First World War?
  14. Approximately how many corgis has the Queen owned during her reign?
  15. Which monarch started the tradition of delivering a speech on Christmas Day?
  16. As well as Queen Elizabeth II, there are only five other kings and queens in British history who have reigned for 50 years or more. Who are they?
  17. Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son, left the marines in January 1987 to pursue a career in what field?
  18. Which royal infamously said “whatever ‘in love’ means”, when asked if he was in love with his fiancée?
  19. In 1974, a man named Ian Ball brought Princess Anne’s car to a halt with the view to holding her hostage for a large random. For whom did he intend the ransom money?
  20. At which castle was Prince Charles invested as the Prince of Wales – an event that was dramatized in the third season of The Crown?
  21. How old was the Queen when she first met her husband, Prince Philip?
  22. Which royal was stopped for speeding through central London on the day of his wedding rehearsal dinner?
  23. In which country did the Queen and Prince Philip live between 1949–51?
  24. Which royal consort told the media that she aspired not to be queen of England, but “a queen of people’s hearts”?
Playful Portrait of the Royal Family (Getty Images)


  1. Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones | Find out more here
  2. 25 (she was 27 when she was crowned, on 2 June 1953) | Find out more here
  3. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII)
  4. Corfu, Greece | Find out more here
  5. Princess Diana | Find out more here
  6. Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton | Find out more here
  7. King George V | Find out more here
  8. Prince Harry | Find out more here
  9. Prince Edward | Find out more here
  10. Edward VIII | Find out more here
  11. Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, Imelda Staunton | Find out more here
  12. Elizabeth II | Find out more here
  13. King George V | Find out more here
  14. Around 30 | Find out more here
  15. King George V | Find out more here
  16. Victoria (63 years); George III (59 years); Henry III (56 years); Edward III (50 years) and James VI and I (58 years) | Find out more here
  17. The entertainment industry. His first foray was producing the programme It’s a Royal Knockout, televised in June 1987 | Find out more here
  18. Prince Charles | Find out more here
  19. The National Health Service | Find out more here
  20. Caernarfon Castle | Find out more here
  21. Eight years old | Find out more here
  22. Prince Philip | Find out more here
  23. Malta | Find out more here
  24. Princess Diana | Find out more here

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Rachel Dinning, Premium Content Editor at HistoryExtra
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