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What is the Haxey Hood?

Haxey is a village in Lincolnshire which, like a number of other towns and villages throughout England, has its own traditional sporting event. In Haxey it is a riotous struggle to transport a leather tube, known as ‘the Hood’, across the village to a particular pub every 6 January.


The mad scrum is said to be the re-enactment of an act of yokel chivalry from the 14th century when the lady of the manor, Lady de Mowbray, lost her silk riding hood in a high wind and 13 villagers chased across the fields to recover it. Lady de Mowbray donated land to Haxey on condition that the wild pursuit was restaged each year. The story may be an attempt to provide an origin for an event whose beginnings have been forgotten.


Answered by: Nick Rennison