James Osborne

Content producer

James Osborne is a content producer at HistoryExtra where he writes, researches, and edits articles, while also conducting the occasional interview. After completing his degree in bioarchaeology at the University of York, where he researched the origins of the Black Death, he worked as an entertainment journalist for half a decade covering TV and film where he accrued experience as a staff writer at The Digital Fix with additional bylines in the likes of Vulture, GamesRadar, Screen Rant, The A.V. Club, Digital Spy, and the official Star Trek website. During this time, he interviewed everyone from Rupert Grint, to the cast of The Witcher, though he never achieved his dream of speaking to every Star Trek captain. Now, he's returned to his historical roots where his interests lie in prehistoric archaeology, ancient mythology, the history of agriculture and food, and military history. So, ideally he'd be writing about a Neolithic, anthropomorphic deity who loves to fight and bake bread.

Recent articles by James Osborne

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