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  • Second World War

    WW2 The Big Questions | HistoryExtra podcast series

    it's hard to think of a more significant historical event than the Second World War, a global conflict that engulfed the world, changing the shape of societies and the lives of hundreds of millions. In this HistoryExtra podcast series, historian and broadcaster Laurence Rees explores the big questions, from the causes of the conflict to its final stages

  • Princes in the Tower HistoryExtra podcast series title card

    The Princes in the TowerThe greatest medieval cold case

    In 1483 two young princes vanished without a trace in the Tower of London. The prime suspect in their disappearance has long been their uncle, Richard III. But despite centuries of fierce debate, Richard’s guilt has proven impossible to pin down for certain. Could someone else be the culprit, or might the princes even have survived, spirited away by someone who wanted to save their necks? We re-examine the historical evidence and speak to experts Lauren Johnson, Nathen Amin, Matt Lewis, Chris Skidmore and Leanda De Lisle, for their take on what really happened in one of history’s most fascinating cold cases.

  • Unravelling the Bayeux Tapestry HistoryExtra podcast series title card

    The Bayeux TapestryUnravel its secrets

    Dramatically depicting the Norman invasion of 1066, the Bayeux Tapestry is one of the most captivating objects of the medieval age. This podcast series takes an in-depth look at the 70-metre-long embroidery and what it can tell us about one of the medieval era’s most tumultuous moments. We speak to a range of experts to unpick some of the biggest questions surrounding the Tapestry, from its creation and purpose, to the incomplete story it recounts and its modern-day legacy.

  • Tudor

    Mary RoseSecrets of the Tudor warship

    In this HistoryExtra podcast series, we marked the 40th anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose by delving back into its fascinating history, and uncovering the secrets this Tudor shipwreck has hidden out of reach for more than four centuries…

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    TutankhamunLife, Death, Legacy

    In 1922, Egyptologist Howard Carter made one of the most spectacular discoveries in the history of archaeology, when he unearthed the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Ellie Cawthorne investigates what we know about the life, death and legacy of the iconic pharaoh…

  • Stuart

    SalemInvestigating the witch trials

    In 1692, 19 members of a small New England community were hanged for witchcraft. Over the course of the year, young girls convulsed and barked like dogs, women confessed to flying on poles to satanic sabbaths, and villagers recounted seeing ghostly apparitions and translucent cats. How can we explain these seemingly inexplicable events? With the help of experts, we’ll delve into the historical factors that were at play in Salem to get to grips with one of the most fascinating moments in American history.

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    15 minutes of fameHistory's unsung heroes

    In celebration of the HistoryExtra podcast’s 15th anniversary, we asked 15 historians to nominate a person from the past who they believe deserves their 15 minutes of fame, from the inspiring whose stories deserve to be heard, to those whose significance has been overlooked, and some who simply led fascinating lives.

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    The Cuban Missile CrisisWorld on the brink

    How did the world end up on the brink of nuclear disaster? In this HistoryExtra podcast series, we’ll be exploring the roots of the Cold War standoff and meet the key players in the confrontation. We'll track the pivotal 13 days at its centre, and the Cold War alliances that saw diplomatic tensions escalate to breaking point. Across four episodes, Elinor Evans speaks to expert historians Alex von Tunzelmann, Mark White and William Taubman, to find out more about the crisis.

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    ConspiracyHistorical conspiracies explored

    Was the moon landing faked? Did Shakespeare actually pen his works? And were the pyramids built by aliens? In this HistoryExtra podcast series, we'll be delving into historical conspiracy theories. Across six episodes, Rob Attar speaks to expert historians Francis French, Helen Rappaport, Richard J Evans and others to discover more

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    Christmas feastsWith food historian Annie Gray

    In our festive four-part series, Annie Gray takes Ellie Cawthorne on a culinary journey through the history of Christmas food. She guides through the raucous world of festive feasting in the medieval and Tudor eras and the extravagant elegance of Georgian fine dining, before moving on to family-friendly merry-making in the Victorian age, make-do-and-mend Christmases under WW2 rationing, and the bizarre yet joyful gastronomic experiments of the postwar era.

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