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The ultimate guide to the Queen and her times

When Elizabeth II was born in April 1926, Stanley Baldwin was prime minister, the General Strike was a few weeks away and the scars of the First World War were strongly evident in British society. Over the next 90 years, Britain experienced tremendous changes, but one thing has remained constant – the Queen, our longest-reigned and longest-lived monarch

Published: July 12, 2016 at 4:53 pm
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Now, a new BBC History Magazine special edition charts Queen Elizabeth II’s journey from a young princess with no expectations of the crown, through her wartime service, marriage and family, to her recent jubilee triumphs.


In this collector’s edition we’ve assembled a group of expert historians to explore the story of those nine decades – inside and outside the palace walls. We reflect on the factors that have secured the Queen such a long and successful reign, and consider who her regal role models might be.

Kate Williams charts the early years and upbringing of a princess who didn’t expect to be queen, while Victoria Arbiter looks at the balance of family life with the ceaseless demands of duty. Dominic Sandbrook shows how the Queen has lived through one of the most remarkable chapters of social transformation in British history, while Stephen Bates discusses how the modernisation of the royal family under Elizabeth II has helped sustain its popularity.

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