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Top 10 History Extra podcasts of 2013

Dominic Sandbrook, Linda Porter and Sam Willis are among the leading historians who featured in last year's History Extra podcasts. In case you missed some of our episodes, here is a selection of 2013 highlights for you to enjoy

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Published: February 5, 2014 at 12:13 pm
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1) Richard III special

7th February 2013


Following the momentous announcement that the body found in a Leicestershire car park is indeed Richard III, Matt Elton speaks to Leicester archaeologist Lin Foxhall and Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society, to get an inside view on the developments

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2) Henry V and Thomas Cromwell – hero and villain

21st March 2013

We challenge the reputations of two titans of English history. Anne Curry explores Henry V's disreputable youth, while Diarmaid MacCulloch offers a robust defence of Wolf Hall star Thomas Cromwell

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3) Pompeii comes to London

4th April 2013

Rob Attar takes a tour of the British Museum's major new Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition in the company of curator Paul Roberts. Plus we broadcast the winning entries of our Young Historians' Podcast Competition

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4) Britain’s last Dambuster

25th April 2013

Britain's last surviving member of the Dambusters raid, 'Johnny' Johnson, recalls his adventures. Plus Sam Willis reveals how Antigua became Nelson's Caribbean hellhole

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5) Wolfson History Prize special

16th May 2013

The winners of this year's Wolfson History Prize, Christopher Duggan and Susan Brigden, join Rob Attar for a discussion about their books and the importance of popular history

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6) Margaret Thatcher’s path to power, and the story of the Devonshires

20th June 2013

Matt Elton speaks to Charles Moore about the first volume of his authorised Margaret Thatcher biography, while Roy Hattersley explores the history of one of Britain's most influential dynasties

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7) The downfall of Mary, Queen of Scots and a British civil rights struggle

8th August 2013

Linda Porter explores the Scottish queen's turbulent life, while Paul Stephenson recounts his experiences as a leader of the 1963 Bristol Bus Boycott

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8) The mysteries of the Princes in the Tower

3rd October 2013

Leanda de Lisle visits the Tower of London to explore the fate of the princes believed to have been killed there. Meanwhile Hannah Greig tells us about the Georgian fashionable elite, and we speak to Hollywood star Matthew Fox about his role in the historical film Emperor

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9) A new look at Nelson and a haunted castle

31st October 2013

Quintin Colville guides us around a major new Nelson gallery, while Charlotte Hodgman pays a Halloween visit to a spooky castle

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10) Cold War culture and the path to the First World War

7th November 2013

Dominic Sandbrook explores how the Cold War impacted on many aspects of British life, while Margaret MacMillan tells us why she believes the First World War broke out when it did


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